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You can improve your English using the Bible!

What is the Bible? It is the most widely distributed and translated book in the world. Many believe it is important information that the Creator, God, wants us to know.

Why use the Bible to study English? The Bible had a large part in the development of the English language. It is a book of great historical and literary importance, it can be understood by all cultures, and it contains practical information that has helped people all over the world for thousands of years. Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln and many other notable persons throughout history have appreciated the educational value of reading the Bible.

Using this method, you will use online links to the Bible and related lessons in English that have also been translated into Chinese. You will be able to read the lessons both in English and also in Chinese to check your understanding. The lessons are designed for you to discuss with voice chat. There are study questions to help you improve your writing skills. You can also download audio files to listen to the correct way to read the lessons.

The help we provide is free. We are a married couple who are native English speakers and have many years teaching experience.  


Teachings of the Bible in simple language

Main message of the Bible in simple language


Short form of the whole Bible

Stories of the Bible in simple language

Teachings of the Bible explained in detail

"Lasting Peace and Happiness - How to find them"

"A Satisfying Life - How to Attain It"

How to Study

1.  Read the lesson in Chinese and read the Bible verses in Chinese.  Try to write a short translation of the main ideas in English.

2.  Read the lesson in English and read the Bible verses in English.   

3.  Listen to the audio of the lesson and practice reading the English out loud.

4.  If you have questions while you prepare, write the questions so you can ask them when we meet.

5.  After you finish a chapter, contact us to set up an appointment.

6.  When you meet with us on qq or Skype, you will read the lesson out loud and we will discuss it together. You will get help to improve your understanding and your language skills. If you have questions, we will answer those.

Click here to see video practice demonstration

Click here to see video of how to look up a Bible verse online

Video about the history of the Bible and its effect on modern life

Video "The Wonders of Creation Reveal God's Glory"
Evidence from science that God is real and he cares about you!

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